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‘Craving human flesh. Lusting for human blood’
Bog is a 1979 American horror monster movie directed by Don Keeslar from a screenplay by Carl Kitt.

The movie stars Gloria DeHaven, Aldo Ray (Star Slammer; Evils of the Night; Biohazard; Don’t Go Near the Park), Marshall Thompson (First Man into Space, It! The Terror from Beyond Space) and Leo Gordon (Attack of the Giant Leeches).

When a local is fishing with dynamite in Bog Lake, something larger pops to the surface: a green bug-eyed monster awakened from a long sleep, and promptly begins killing fishermen who stumble across its lair. When biologist Ginny Glenn (Gloria DeHaven) discovers the creature’s evolutionary nature, the local sheriff decides to use various methods to destroy the beast…

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” … Bog is a silly, ineptly made film, and at times it’s an awfully tedious one, too. But because it’s also one of those movies in which virtually everything seems subtly out of whack in ways that ordinary forms of badness can’t explain, I find myself positively disposed toward it nonetheless.” 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting

“Technical competence hits the dirt (butter knife edits, awful compositions) and things drag towards the end, but that’s all right. The regional silliness, library music pilfering, and kaput budget drop the film somewhere between a Monster Kid Home Movies outtake and the earlier Night Fright. Kill scenes are ridiculously dramatic. The monster suit fails on all levels.” Bleeding Skull!

“This cheap and rather goofy movie is like a throwback to the cheapies from the fifties and sixties; at one time or another, I found myself comparing it to Attack of the Giant Leeches, Destination Inner Space and Bride of the Monster. The monster is a hoot, and the cast of familiar old-timers (Gloria DeHaven, Aldo Ray, Marshall Thompson and Leo Gordon) just adds to the quaintness of the whole affair. The dialogue is often hilarious…” Fantastic Musings and Ramblings

Bog is so derivative and formula-bound it could have been blocked out by stencil. The entire catalogue of pulp SF/horror/monster stereotypes and cliches are paraded past us, from retarded hillbillies to arseholish deputies. Thompson and De Havens ‘touching’ geriatric smooch interlude is a corny lowlight (?) that will have you wondering if you unwittingly stumbled into “On Golden Bog”…” Les Moore, Monster! issue 18

“It does have a certain charm, but that’s largely because of its veteran cast. Don’t expect much. Don’t ask too many questions about their beast which is part fish, part insect and maybe even part plant — yet still somehow human-compatible. And don’t ask it to make too much sense…” Rivets on the Poster

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