Style Renaissance: Unveiling the Side Bang and Side Part with Stylist Artur Kirsh


He’s known as the “Stylist to The Stars”, having worked with many A-Listers. He has 30 years of experience and has an eye for trends for our favorite celebrities and his additional clients. I had the pleasure of interviewing renowned hair stylist, Artur Kirsh, and he’s thrilled to see that the side bang and side part are making a comeback. He provided an exclusive scoop about his career. 

As we began, Mr. Kirsh explained his background, “I started my career over 30 years ago. I came from Europe. I work in New York, I work in Philadelphia, I work in Florida. I’ve owned multiple salons in the past. Now, I work at 5 different locations. I make appearances, fashion week… private clients, I do celebrities.” He also described his journey, “I worked in Moscow, then I worked in Italy, and then I came to the US.”

As for what tools are best to create the side bang and side part look, Mr. Artur Kirsh said, You want to use a natural boar bristle brush. It doesn’t burn the hair, it gives it shine, it doesn’t give static because it’s a natural brush. You always want to keep the blow dryer on medium heat. You want to try volumizing products, like a spray. It’s best to use products with no alcohol because alcohol will make your hair dryer and staticky.”

As far as strategies you can use to create the bang or side part look, Mr. Artur Kirsh said, A flat iron will make it flat. If somebody has a cowlick in the front, to smooth it out. To make it more of a straighter, sleek, more polished look, you would use a flat iron. But if you use a brush to give it a little bit of fullness, the swept over look, I think a brush would be better. You have to blow dry the front of your hair first when it’s wet…this way it will create a shape that will stay for you.”

Kirsh also feels that this side part bang and side part look can work for everyone. He explains, “I think side bangs could work on any face, that’s the beauty of it. With any type of face-shape you have, whether it’s a long face or heart-shaped, a side bang is way more flattering and way more beautiful and versatile on a woman than a middle part. I think I’m just tired of the middle part. It’s something that’s fuller, any type of length, and you can go left or right with a swipe of the bang, I think it’s more flattering and sexier on a woman.” 

I asked Artur how the hairstyle accentuates the eyes and he responded, “It can be any length, a short, side-swept bang, or it could be something longer that goes over their face a little bit. Where you can add a curling iron… I think swiped is a little more tousled look and it’s very flattering.” He added that in terms of volume, “If it’s short, it should be a little flatter. If it’s longer, it should definitely have fullness to it.” 

He says, if somebody has a larger forehead, they would look best with a shorter bang, and for someone with smaller features, a slightly longer style would better suit them. He thinks that smaller faces with short bangs cover the face too much. He prefers something that’s more “swept over.”

Kirsh feels that the side swept bob is unique because, “…We’re tired of the middle part, we’ve been seeing it for so many years, and I think the side part and swept-over bang is super sexy. It’s something new, it’s something old that’s forgotten. Something that gets in your eyes, gets in the way a little, is super sexy on a woman.” He also emphasized, “It has more versatility. The curtain bang has been such a thing, so now, instead of curtain bangs, you can have a curtain bang. Folding over your eyebrow, your eye. I think it’s very flattering for a woman. He continued, “…Especially how it accentuates her eyes and her facial features. Something that’s fuller.”

The stylist is looking forward to this trend making a comeback. He says, “I think that something new is just something old and forgotten. And I think that styles and fashion and hairstyles have a way of coming back. There are so many beautiful and amazing and sexy looks, like Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone, Gaga, Julia Roberts, all those fuller and sexier, swept-over hair looks end up more tousled, that can be moved from one side to the other.”

Thank you, Mr. Artur Kirsh for sharing your expertise with Social The Lifestyle Magazine. Additionally, his book titled 1,000 Questions Behind The Chair will be released on April 4th, 2024. We can’t wait to get a copy of this book for expert hairstyle insight!  If you are eager to schedule an appointment with Artur Kirsh, check out his website for available appointments. 

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