World Backup Day Deals: 40 Early Deals on SSDs, Flash Drives, SD Cards and More



World Backup Day is celebrated every March 31, and if it’s been a while since you last backed up your data, now’s the time. Devices often fail when we least expect it, which is why backing up your data frequently is a good idea. No matter which way you prefer to keep your files and photos safe, you don’t want to overspend. That’s why cashing in on bargain buys is ideal, and with the event on the horizon, a number of retailers have already begun slashing prices and offering deals on various storage solutions. Now is a great time to stock up on all the extra space you need to protect your digital assets. We’ve gathered deals on options ranging from flash drives and microSD cards to internal SSDs, huge NAS systems and even cloud storage

The best World Backup Day sales

  • Amazon: Save on SanDisk, WD, PNY and more
  • Best Buy: Deals on storage from WD, PNY, Crucial and SanDisk
  • Newegg: Hundreds of deals on internal and external storage
  • B&H: Shop personal and professional storage solutions
  • Samsung: Save on flash drives, microSD cards, SSDs and more
  • Western Digital: Direct savings on WD and SanDisk products

Below are highlights of some of the best deals currently available. We expect more deals to drop as we get closer to the event so keep checking back. We will continue to refresh this list with World Backup Day deals up to the official event, which happens March 31. 

External hard drive and SSD deals

If you need a ton of storage, this plug and play model may be a good choice. It’s discounted by 31% right now and will definitely allow you to free up your internal drive.


Score this capacious and rugged portable SSD with up to 2 meter drop protection and IP55 water and dust resistance to protect its contents, along with speeds of up to 2,000MB/s. 


Ideal for pretty much anyone that needs a little extra storage, Samsung’s T7 portable SSD is compact and decently fast at up to 1,050MB/s. A 1TB version is also on sale.


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Flash drive deals

You can fit a surprising amount of data on a flash drive like this 1TB model from PNY. If you need ultimate portability for a large amount of data, this is an ideal pick. 


With most new computers and tablets having switched to USB-C inputs, World Backup Day is a great opportunity to switch over your portable storage, and you can score this Samsung USB-C flash drive for under $30 right now.


While you can’t put a microSD card in your iPhone, it does have support for external storage devices like the SanDisk iXpand flash drive with its integrated Lightning connector. This device is ideal for getting a bunch of photos or files off your iPhone and onto a computer with its dual-port design.


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SD and MicroSD card deals

This memory card has a 128GB capacity with read speeds of 300MB/s and write speeds of 260MB/s and is durable against magnets, shock, water, X-rays and temperature. 


Need some extra storage for your phone, tablet or other device? This spacious microSD card is a bargain and offers speeds of up to 120MB/s. 


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NAS deals

If you want to organize your media collection in one place and have it be accessible from anywhere, this high-performance NAS solution can do it. And you can save $160 on one at Amazon right now. 


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Internal storage deals

If you want a speedy SSD for gaming, the Samsung 980 Pro is a great choice. This model features a built-in heatsink which saves you adding one yourself to help it stay cool under intense usage. 


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Cloud backup deals

If you’re in the market for cloud storage and a VPN, a joint offering from ExpressVPN and Backblaze saves you $99 by bundling both services. You also get three extra months of VPN access for free with this deal. 


Store up to 20TB of your files in the cloud with this heavily discounted Prism Drive subscription. This deal saves you hundreds compared to the usual monthly subscription cost and you’ll only be billed once for lifetime access.


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